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They came...

My exam results came in post yesterday with my book list for next year.


So I got:
























And basically my dad went freakin’ ballistic because of that D in maths and he never even really noticed those 3 As… In the end it was all right… kind of…

At the start there was screaming and shouting as he saw it. He shouted how it is not good enough how there will be pressure on me to do better than anyone else next year and to work my ass off and how I don’t tell him stuff about school (yeah, he expects a detailed report what happened everyday… well, screw him, he ain’t getting that…) and all the crap about college (he pretty much picked out a course for me, I’m not allowed to do what I want, not that I know what I want because my dad doesn’t exactly help to discuss any other prospects than finance and accounting, its like arguing with a wall.) and I ended up crying my eyes out. Then got forced into going to ask about mortgages for houses because we are looking to buy one. Which wasn’t fun but definitely wasn’t as bad as it was.

Then we ended up going to a shopping center where I actually got this really really nice mini skirt. My dad cooled off and he was event nearly happy about the bloody results so by the end of the evening we were on perfectly peaceful terms. We all went to watched “The Happening” where this scary granny made me scream…

So I guess I had my happy ending after all.


A movie night tonight! Gonna be cool!

And now I'm off to paint a piece for this awesome competition!!! :)

It's been a while

Okay, I was a really bad girl and haven’t been on for about a week, but what can I say? It’s life and you got to live it! The bowling-movie thing was awesome last Tuesday. We went to Prom night and there besides us were about ten fifteen people watching it, so we had fun screaming and giggling and all that jazz. I did loose at bowling because every time it was my turn pretty much everyone at our group started cheering. I got the to shut up just before the end and got a strike (or maybe nine out) from first throw so made everyone feel guilty, haha!


The next day we ended up with a movie night at my Alanna’s. It was girls only because guys just didn’t turn up. So we watched “She’s a man” which turned to be a lot cheesier than it seemed the first time around. Then ONE guy turned up in the middle of the movie. And I mean a guy having to watch something like that is kind of cruel - especially with us screaming at the screen – and he also didn’t get it at all. He thought that a girl is randomly pretending to be a guy. Anyway, that passed and next up was Gotika” (after much negotiation - we just couldn’t pick). I had seen that too as well as Alanna but even we screamed. I mean, Fields, the only guy there was covering his face and whining – “Make this end!” (Or was it Maria? I think both.) Sorry, but I find that HILARIOUS! Gretta and me liked it though, a lot! I mean it’s a scary movie with a deep story line. And yeah, people were saying that Alanna and me tricked them into watching it because we said it wasn’t that scary. Well it wasn’t at the sleepover in the middle of the night when I first watched it. ;)


A-anyway. I am working on my drawing s a lot and will probably get back to practicing violin as soon as I pick a nice new piece to prepare. And if you want to check out any of my artwork or stories my deviantART page link is on here, just the one your left. CLICK IT! XD


Well, I’d say this is it.



So Much to Ramble about!!!

I had a day off today, but my friend’s (well, we are not big friends. But still. Somehow she is, or at least was, convinced that I cant stand her, which isn’t true. After all she wouldn’t have gotten the job without my recommendation, except she doesn’t know that. Anyway, back where I was…) so her mom went into hospital and she was supposed to work this evening so I had to sub in for her for like 3 hours, not too bad. I just hope her mom is okay. I’m not sure but I think she might have cancer. But my friend said its nothing terminal, so it seems like she is okay at the moment.
It was nice though. Have a house for myself for once. Because last week when I had days off either my mom, or my dad or both had either half days or days off too. So no fun! Today was great though, I didn’t get anything done. But I watched a great movie – “Cruel Intentions” and few episodes of friends and played music up loud and basically was extremely lazy. But since I don’t really get time to be lazy it was different! XD
Oh, I found a Photoshop program (CS2) in my CD collection, so I’m going to install that now and see if it works…
And my friend seems to have problems. He even barely talks to his girlfriend; he doesn’t text back to anyone who texts him. I’m kinda worried, but I hope he will be okay.
Oh, and the bowling-cinema trip tomorrow. They probably hate me at that place now. I made a booking and then had to reschedule it. And now if we won’t be there on time I bet they will bite my head off or something… It’s going to be awesome! I haven’t seen my friends in like a week. And its summer for God sakes!!! So yeah, won’t wait for any entries tomorrow. I’m probably going to stay out late.

Wow, This is one huge entry!!!


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Complete Random Randomness :)

Well, today went a lot better. Got myself a haircut. Didn’t get out off work, but it was fun anyway, and my fewer went down during the night (I only has 37 degrees anyway, so nothing serious). I got through posting a lot of my photos on deviantART.com and posted a good few pics from Rome.


The Tuesday trip is in a bit of trouble because there are 6 people per lane. At the start we had 7 now we have eight, we might have ten, so I’d say everything should be all right. So yeah, my phone is ringing all the time with text messages coming in and people asking for details or just wanting a chat. I had to put it on silent so I could listen to music properly J

So, yeah, life is good!!!


Life is officialy crap today...

Okay... So, the whole family time crap is seriously doing my head in. My dad is going on one of his episodes of hating me again. Oh, and I think I have fewer; well maybe it will get me off work tomorrow (yes, I am a lazy cow, a sick and tired one too...). I don’t think the Tuesday and the whole day trip to movies and bowling with my friends will come soon enough... Just hopefully my dad will bug off. 
Geeze... Life really seem to suck today.. well, maybe it will be better tomorow... If no, I can always flush myself down to hell. I bet they have been expecting me there for a couple of years now...


Surfing trip

Well, I wanted to do something extreme this summer. Paintball in august is already on the list. Now surfing. Me and one of my friends were sitting in the Cafe before work today (I work, not her, and I don't work in the cafe) and we came up with this idea of a surfing trip. My friend (whom I had a crush on, past tense) and his sister had done it before, so I am persuading them to teach us. Well, I’m kinda done with that part. The only bits left are just planning and waiting for a good weather. At the moment we are already looking for a place. It is going to be AWESOME!!!! 
If you have any ideas on what else extreme/mad/different we (my friends and I) could do please leave a comment. Thanks.
Just one problem, I will have to make up the story for what we will do for my parents... They are so overprotective, especially my dad, annoys the hell out of me. But yeah, that shouldn’t be too hard. I just hate the bother of making up stuff that we supposedly did. That’s why it is easier to skip classes. You don’t have to make up fun stories of what happened during the day.

Okey dokes!  Well I think I have few things to tell about.
First, before I forget it. My obsessed admirer. 

So, this guy from school, a year above me texted me one Friday. I had no idea who it was. Ten, twenty minutes later (after the introductions were made) he was saying that he likes me, few hours later he was saying that I am the perfect girl for him. And now the punch line, consisting of few facts. I haven't talked to him, EVER.  And he is a pervy sexmaniac/womaniser. And he is 18 too. Then I went to Rome for a week and the day I came back (he knew when that was…), I get a text from him. Even though the day before I flew out, I made it quite clear that I wanted him to bug off. Then over a period of two weeks he was trying to convince me that all the things I heard from my friends were not true. (Yeah, as if!) So he kept repeating over and over how he is head over heels about me and how he likes/fancies me etc... (just made him look a complete idiot)
He is now down to one text message every three days. And obviously no reply from me! :P
But you know what is the weird thing? It looks like I didn’t loose my bitchiness factor from lack of use. At school, when he passed me few times, he didn’t say anything, he didn't stare, nothing. Maybe he was too scared to approach me, I wasn't alone after all.

So, today was a beach day!
With my parents... They are great crack, but all the family days are doing my head in, I mean, its a beach and with loads of awfully hot guys all around, and I have to behave like a nice little girl because I am with them. Me and my friends soooo need another trip to the beach. The last time we took a day off school to go. It was purely awesome!
Anyway, in general today was fun. I finished my "Digital Fortress" by Dab Brown and got plenty of sun, after all you can't have everything, can you?


I'm finally here! :D

Well, the school is out so as of Thursday I am a free girl who is going to have an awful lot of fun in the next three months!!! Yay! I aced my exams (don't ask how, that will remain a secret for me as long as I live XD ) so there isn't a thing to possibly bother me now. Well, exept unwanted attention from a guy who doesn't get what a phrase: "It ain't gonna happen" means... Why there is always at least one of those freaks after me??? Sooo... As you might have guessed the life is getting a bit mad so I thought I'll get a blog - might be easier to keep track of it all!  I will keep everyone posted the best I possibly can and gradualy will put plenty of info here.

Now though, I am off to watch tv. Yeah, how "interesting" (heavy sarcasm) of me. Don't worry, I will
spice things up soon, I just need to catch up on sleep after nearly nine months of sleep deprivation. 

(Inner voice: ain't gonna happen hun! 
Me: Shut up! 
Inner voice: *Snicker*
Me:  Ugh!)


Blurb - About Me

Okey dokes people. Just to warn you: I'm always creative and almost always happy. If you need some ideas about anything - yup, you are in the right place! :D

Pretty much all of my entries are public, so yeah, I supose I have no sense of privacy... XD
I do not angst (with exeption of family issues...) and I don't think life is long enough to sulk around and wait for pity. Its all you've got, so you have to live it!!

I can be a bit of a feminist/equal right activist sometimes, but seem to have a crush on someone nearly all the time... Yes, a typical 16 year old. But I'm typical in that way only. Other than that I am a unique headache giver!

I can't live without: MUSIC, art, books, my camera and my deviantART page.
Oh, and just so you know, I am an internet addict.